Orthodontist Education and Learning Requirements


This is a special area of dentistry and needs comprehensive training as it tackles with enhancing the facial look of patients. In order to get in dental school potential candidates require having a bachelor’s degree. However, at present some colleges accept only candidates with a two year undergraduate program. Wannabe students require taking the courses in science such as physics, biology and chemistry. To enter a dentist school is not a simple thing to do, students need to study hard to passed the Dental Admission Test (DAT). You will find several schools which are accredited in Australia and there is stiff competition to enter into these schools. The candidates will be tested on their DAT scores but need to undergo personal interviews. Duration is usually 4 years and students must complete classroom training and laboratory training. It covers different areas of science from anatomy to a more complex pharmacology. The final 2 years of the course involves working in clinical setting with the guidance of certified dentists. It will help students to improve their skills.


Other Things you Need to Focus on Orthodontist Course


For individuals who are thinking of how to become an orthodontist, you must learn that since it is a specialty part of dentistry, wannabe requires completing a masteral program. Those who want to become an orthodontist will need to complete a post doctorate programs that last for two to three years. The course will include studying the maxillofacial deformities, orthodontic surgery, use of imaging morphing programs, treatment plans and others. The price of orthodontist education may range around USD 65,000 to USD 100,000 depending on the level you enroll.  In Australia, you need to be licensed for you to be able to practice as orthodontist and must pass the National Board Dental Examination. One can also obtain additional certification from the National Board of Orthodontics.


Orthodontist Assistant Education


A high school diploma and studying a dental assistant training program is all you need to become an orthodontist Canberra assistant. Students will be provided with the list of dental terminology, insurance billing, dental prices and others. Orthodontic assistants will have to carry out duties such as preparing them for treatment, communication with parents, making molds, fitting of braces Canberra dentist have created, preparing them for the treatment, taking measurements and communicating with the patients. The orthodontist assistants also need to have certification in order to practice, Various states have different certification requires and it is advisable to check with the local state board of dentistry for details.

Our Program

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